Become a Magellan Rewards Partner

The Magellan Rewards Program is an exclusive discount/incentive program created for the residents of Lakeshore East. Magellan Development, the developer of the Lakeshore East Community has built over 3500 homes to-date with over 6000 residents. Lakeshore East is comprised of both Luxury Rental buildings as well as Condominiums and Park Homes. The Magellan Rewards program is a great way to promote your business and services.

Magellan Rewards Partner Details and Benefits

  • No fee to join the Magellan Rewards program
  • Magellan Rewards Partners must offer an ongoing discount/incentive. Offer must be exclusive to our Lakeshore East Residents. (Ex: 10% or greater offer product/service or buy one get on free of an item or service)
  • Once a Magellan Rewards Partner you will then be listed on the Magellan Rewards website.
  • Magellan Rewards Partners will be invited to join the annual Festival in The Park at Lakeshore East (end of summer event). This is an additional opportunity to directly market to thousands of our residents. *Not required. *No fee to participate.
  • Magellan Rewards Partners are encouraged to host exclusive events for the Lakeshore East Residents.